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Christmas / Holidays is/are coming. Four more weeks and all of us will sit at the table with family and friends. It is a very busy time with work, decorating the home and buying presents. Where to find the energy for that? If I may, I would like to give you some ideas that can keep you and your family in good shape and feeling well. It is nothing new and you have probably heard about these a hundred times. So sorry for repeating them again, but by repetition and reminding, we are learning new habits.


Here they are:

  1. Swap junk food (candy, chips, popcorn, ice cream, milk shakes, and soda) for healthy snacks (whole fruits, vegetables, and water).

  2. Swap refined grains (white beard, white rice) for whole grains (whole-wheat bread, brown rice).

  3. Swap snacks with added sugars (chocolate bar with nuts) for unsalted snacks (unsalted cashews)

  4. Swap products with added sugars (fruit-filled cereal bar) for whole fruit (apple).

  5. Swap prepared food (can soup) for home prepared food (homemade soup).

  6. Swap sedentary activities (TV time) for increased activity and movement (a 10-minute short walk).

  7. Swap your evening screen time (social media) for other activities (reading book, talking with family).



As a Tiny Habits Coach, I prepared a couple of Tiny Habits recipes which will help you introduce this to your life. Feel free to modify these recipes for your situation.


After I finish cleaning the kitchen in the evening, I will prepare veggie/fruits snacks for the next day.

After I turn off the TV in the evening, I will prepare healthy snacks for the next day.

After I enter the grocery store, I will go first to the veggie and fruits sections.

After I sit at my desk in my office, I will put a bag of carrots into the desk drawer.

After I finish watching my favorite program in the evening, I will go for a short walk.

After I get ready for bed, I will plug my phone in a different room to charge overnight to stop scrolling Facebook in bed.

After I leave the house for work, I will drive a route to work that avoids fast food restaurants.

After somebody offers me an unhealthy snack, I will say, “No, thank you.”

After I sit down at a restaurant, I will say, “No bread or chips, please.”

After I feel hungry in the afternoon, I will eat a handful of blueberries.

After I make a grocery list, I will add one new fruit or veggie.

After I pick up my plate at a party, I will fill most of it with veggies and proteins.

After I eat lunch, I will walk around the building at least once.

After I take my calendar to plan meals for the week, I will add one meal made only of veggies.


There are so many more suggestions on how to improve your diet and better being. But now there is no time as we are busy with preparation for Christmas/holiday time.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me. www.naturallifechoices.com


All the best,







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