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03 lutego 2023

Life Choices

Today is time for the third word from the name, “choices”.


Synonyms for this word are selections, picks, elections, adoptions, choosing, ranges, varieties, sets.

How many choices per day are we making? Almost every second we are consciously and unconsciously making decisions. We sometimes think that we do not have choices and that the situation or the environment around us pushes our selection. That is true, we are not aware of how our decisions are influenced by TV, other people, etc. We are forgetting about our “free will” or we want to forget. It is easier to follow some other people’s decision and then blame them. Sometimes we do not want to take responsibility for our choices, or we just do not want to be different than others. It is very difficult to follow the choices which we make. I knew a lot about that when I had to change my diet for health reasons. Usually, these difficulties are happening at the beginning of the road. But then you and others are seeing how those changes are good for you. You have much more energy and look healthier and are happier. People start asking questions and start admiring you. We should always be aware what the best choices are, not only which food is working for you, but also which physical activity fits you the best. Do not be afraid to be different. My mantra is that we are so unique, so our diet and life are also unique.

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