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I have had a few meetings with Ela and I have to say that my visits with her were a really good idea. Not only my physical health is getting better but also my mental health is in great condition. I didn't expect such a change and I am impressed. I live my best life now and in harmony with myself. I am so grateful to her for how she helped me.



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I spent the majority of my life out of shape and with poor dietary habits. I tended toward a traditional American diet of large amounts of protein, carbs and a few vegetables.  When I was in my forties, I developed significant cardiac problems. Eventually, I turned to Ela and Natural Life Choices to help me find a better path. Ela taught me how a plant-based diet, coupled with moderate and carefully selected protein choices was not only better for me but better tasting as well. I knew I had arrived when I realized a preferred a spinach, roasted mushroom and beet salad, covered with some grilled rare tuna, to lobster and steamed clams. Now, I look and feel better than I ever have before.

Thanks Ela!



“Perhaps I am stronger than I think.” 
Thomas Merton

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I found Ela’s website on the internet. I was very interested so, I decided to write to her.
I haven’t regretted this decision. Thanks to Ela I now know my body better. My physical and mental health is now in its best condition. Full professionalism! Ela is a very kind and warm person. I have finally found my balance and I feel well.






My top three goals upon starting the 6-month program were:

1.    Make more salad at home for dinner.

Reduce amount of cookies and doughnuts I buy/eat.
2.    Eat big meal at lunch at 12nn not 2pm. Make soups for dinner, eat dinner earlier.
3.    Bone health~ be aware of how many bags I carry, add another

work out day per week.


My Life Coach, Ela, opened my eyes and mind to wider range of healthy foods, nutritional facts and behavior modification implementation. Ela provided recipes and hands on education on how to prepare a variety of tasty salads and soup’s using food items I had never used. Some foods were Ela’s home grown. Showed me using Utube or internet if unable to do hands on because I am a visual learner. Ela provided weekly stimulating food/nutrition/exercise and God knowledge and wisdom toward my healthier lifestyle. 


The biggest tangible I am conscientious of Ela’s shared wisdom/voice in my head when I make decisions about buying and using junk food. Ela provided and showed me alternative healthy snacks that met my junk food desires i.e a homemade healthy cupcake which was delicious, better coffee where no sugar needed and more. Most significant change I noticed is the fact that I thought I knew enough about healthy living but there is so much more and it is not boring! Awareness of different healthy yummy foods to purchase and how to prepare them. Council me on ways to do what I know I need to do but do not always want to do. I would describe my Life Coach Ela as knowledgeable, wise, attentive, good listener, approachable, organized and God centered.


I would highly recommend Life Coach Ela to anyone looking for better overall life choices &/or believes they need to change or improve their behavior styles. Other comments and feedback I didn’t think I needed a Life Coach because I am “ok” however how ok was I if I just wanted to stay in my comfort zone, not really interested in learning more about healthier living for me.


Thank You Ela!






Meeting with Ela each week was a delightful experience.  We discussed my physical health goals, as well as goals to help with mental well-being.  This holistic approach to health is an effective way to reach all goals.  Ela provided information, suggestions and encouragement mixed with humor.  She offered many healthy recipe ideas and shopping lists.  Thanks, Ela, for teaching me that “resting, not stressing” is also important to my overall health!
I highly recommend partnering with Ela to help you make healthy choices for your life.