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Vegetable soup
with pumpkin




    - 8 cups of water
- ½ cup of dry white beans
- 1 small leek
- ¼  celery root
- 1 big onion
- 1 big carrot
- ¼ of white cabbage
- 2 big tomatoes
- 2 medium size potatoes
- Small slice of pumpkin
- Bunch of flat leaves parsley
- Bay leaf
- Few leaves of fresh basil
- 4 tablespoon of olive oil


Way to prepare:


Wash beans and soak overnight in 8 cups of cold water. Next day, cut carrots, potatoes, pumpkin and celery root into the pieces. Shred leek, cabbage and onion. Cook beans in the same water in which they soaked overnight. After 30 minutes, add other vegetables and cook on medium heat. Peel skin from tomatoes before soaking in hot water and remove seeds. Chop parsley and basil and add everything to the pot and cook for additional 10 minutes.  If you use fresh beans, you need to soak only for a couple hours, and add vegetable after 15 minutes of cooking beans. In case you are using beans from a can, you will be adding beans at the end of cooking the soup.







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