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03 lutego 2023

What is "life"?

For Natural Life Choices, what is “life”?


Life is the sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual, specifically the cellular biochemical activity or process of an organism, characterized by the ingestion of nutrients, the storage and use of energy, the excretion of waste, growth, reproduction etc. It is the property or quality of plants and animals that distinguishes them from inorganic matter or dead organisms. These are some of the explanations that I found in a couple of dictionaries.

Life is us, this body, mind, people around, plants and animals, everything that is surrounding us. Having this life, what are we doing with it? Are we taking the best care of it? Do we nourish well our life? By nourish I mean not only good nutrients, but do we have enough physical activity, and do we have enough hours of sleep, so our body has time to rest? Are we surrounding us with good, friendly people? Are we friendly to others? Are we happy with our jobs and careers? I can ask more and more questions about our life. But one more question I would like to ask is if you are you happy with your life? Do you want to change some aspects of your life? I was not happy at one point how I was looking so I started my changing process, and I must admit that there were days that I wanted to stop. But right now, I am much happier because I not only lost the weight, but I got my new life with more energy and more self-confidence. I am not telling you that I solved all my problems. I wish that could happen, but our life is a journey with sunny and rainy days, but sometimes we forget that, and we stress ourselves about situations that we cannot control. By learning more about yourself you can be more aware of how to best take care about your life. Like I said before we are very unique so everybody needs a very unique recipe for their life which can be discovered only by you. Like St. Catherine of Siena said, “Be who you were created to be and you will set the world on fire.”

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