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Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Training Program


Why not focus on yourself?



What is keeping you from your highest potential?



Everyone can benefit from discussing healthy options with a trained, professional coach! Think of your healthy habits as players on a team. Every good team has a coach to guide the team to win. Your victory will be starting to feel better and achieving excellent overall wellness.


The main role of an Integrative Nutrition* Health Coach is to provide guidance and encouragement for clients to set and reach their health goals.


My unique background is a combination of extensive training, certifications, and personal experience that allows me to offer you a very comprehensive program. Together we can develop comfortable and effective lifestyle changes so you can achieve your health goals. 

Proper diets are essential, 

But they don't have to be terrifying!


Diet is obviously a large part of this program, as food is fuel and energy for humans just like gasoline is fuel for the cars. Most importantly, however, when it comes to an optimal diet, there is not a “one size fits all approach” that will work for everyone.


As the Roman poet and philosopher Lucretius (75 bc) said “what is food for one man may be bitter poison to others. Personally I eat an 100% plant-based salad for breakfast most mornings and can’t stand eating grains. Then, there is my loving husband who can't live without  his morning multi-grain bread with almond butter or smoked salmon and a sliced tomato! Both of our choices are healthy; they are just different.


Different people need different things from food, and just because people eat different foods, it doesn’t necessarily mean that one diet is a “healthy choice” and the other is not.


Together, you and I will collaborate to develop an approach that is tailor-made for you alone and that will help you choose a healthy path that is in harmony with your body, needs and appetites.

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