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Everyone is born unique, ...

“Everyone is born unique, but many die as photocopies”. Carlo Acutis


Recently, I have started reading the book about Carlo Acutis. A young boy who was beatified by Catholic Church. On the second page of this book his mother said that Carlo often was saying “Everyone is born unique, but many die as photocopies”. That is so absolutely true! Each person is born with their own set of characteristics, talents and perspectives that make them unique. It is this individuality and uniqueness that adds vibrancy and diversity to the world and allows each person to contribute their own special qualities to society. An important aspect of self-acceptance and personal growth is to embrace and celebrate our uniqueness. However, sometimes societal pressures, expectations and the desire to fit in can lead us to live lives that feels as repetitive or like a photocopy of others. Although there may be similarities or common experiences, but we should remember that each of us has their own unique journey and potential. Our path can be shaped by external influences, but it is up to us to embrace our individuality, pursue our passions and make choices that align with our authentic selves.

Specifically, when it comes to health and wellness, it is essential to recognize that each of us has unique needs and requirements. There are general principles and practices that benefit most of us, but it is crucial to acknowledge the diversity in health and well- being. What is working for one person may not work for another due to differences in genetics, lifestyle, preferences, and underlying health conditions. So, an individualize approach to health and wellness is crucial and involves understanding our own body, seeking professional advice when needed, and then making informed choices based on individual circumstances. Whether it is nutrition, exercise, sleep, or stress management, tailoring these aspects to suit our unique needs can help acquire optimal health and well-being.

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